Celebrating Women in the U.A.E #EWD

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The date marks the creation of the GWU (General Women’s Union) in 1975, and it is considered a chance to celebrate Emirati women’s achievements since this Union was founded.

Emirati Women’s Day celebrates not only the women in military who have left behind the comfort and luxury of their homes and families to carry the nation’s responsibility on their shoulders, but Mothers, Wives, Sisters, Aunties, Grandmothers, Daughters and in addition special celebrations for the mothers of martyrs who were killed in Yemen.  

Women of the UAE are perceived as role models of leadership and they present the U.A.E in a strong and positive way both regionally and of course globally.  With increasing opportunities for women in the world today, Emiratis are showing that planning their future and career hopes and dreams does not come at a cost and need not be at the expense of their culture and traditional values.  They are continually breaking stereotypes and have been a real source of stability proudly displaying a really positive image of the U.A.E to the rest of the world.

The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) in Dubai was established to educate people about Islam and the Emirati culture and to break down the myths for example, that Emirati women do not attend University or College and their abaya is restricting them from participating in doing what they want.  It is viewed sometimes as a barrier by some people, of oppression, Emirati women can in fact still be modern without letting go of who they are and still make the best of opportunities.

They have access to all sorts of things now that their mothers and grandmothers didn’t have, they have, the best universities for example and hence better chances at good jobs with greater responsibility and the power of the Emirati women’s movement is to make the best of these and embrace them.

So whether you are Emirati or not – the U.A.E is consistently celebrating women for their achievements.

The U.A.E also formed the Gender Balance Council this year chaired by the President of Dubai Women Establishment Sheikha Manal bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

“to evolve and enhance women’s involvement as key partners in building the future of the nation.”

Enough said.